Saturday, 10 March 2012

An achievement in reading!

When we are inexperienced and see the world out there feel a mixture of longing and anguish.
Many times I feel like little helpless and without any resources to respond to so much that appears in life.

However boldly, sometimes achieved by reversing the longing and anguish in strength and courage and I can achieve what I want: a new phase where more than one obstacle will be overcome.

We all have difficulties to be overcome.
The way J. it has to be followed with firm steps and safe ...

The barriers are, must be adequately addressed and each of them emerge strengthened. At every step, every obstacle overcome the stronger. And the next hurdles will be overcome without losing the wit and commit madness :)

Difficulties and setbacks do not scare! There is just crying and does not regret the problems. Always seek a way to overcome them.

This applies to all situations in your life still small. But he is inspired by and follows the right path.
It's complicated, it is difficult, but he already knows to go to war!

I could not be happier! Viewing its evolution, each step conquered, overcome every obstacle, every moment of anxiety, surprise and joy ... and the moment to happen is coming!

I see my son grow ...!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012


"Better to understand little than to misunderstand." (Anatole France)

Where is it hid the understanding? How can a feeling so noble and important for the internal growth of each one can be left out?

Unfortunately, what I see today is people becoming more individualistic. Verbs are conjugated only in the first person singular.
- "I want"
- "I need"
- "I think so" ...
What happened to "we"?

Life is not so. This is not growing. This is back!
Life is unity. It is dialogue. It is split.

Understanding each other is to accept without judging, prejudging or criticism.
You hear the silence. It is to be present.

Perhaps such an understanding is missing because the act of understanding is linked to the act of renouncing.
Often we have to give up certain things to welcome and reach out to those who need it. This is the noblest understandings!

Understand what is supposedly incomprehensible is not for everyone. But the extreme value.
Understanding the smile is easy, but understanding the tears in the heart requires love.
Understanding is to offer solidarity. It is reaching out. It is to "lap". You simply say "I'm here, do not worry, I'm not going to leave alone."

To understand is to listen. It is to help and do not charge anything in return.
You look in the eye and pass the necessary confidence.
It is the sincerity and loyalty in the first place.

Understanding is an unconditional feeling.
You must redeem this understanding fall asleep in your hearts. Leave selfishness and individuality emerge in the closet and let the act of understanding the other.

This is the greatest of loves.
The love of solidarity.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

As Carlos Drummond de Andrade - "No one is equal to one. Every human being is an odd stranger."

J: Mom, Joe has problems in his head?
Mother: No. ..
J: And I ...????
Mother: You did not!?
J: S. said I had problems in the head ...
Mother: The only problem you have in mind, is to be in love with B. !!!:)
J: Oh ... that's it!

♥ ♥ ♥


In the morning:
Mother, it's so nice to wake up happy in your house! :)
♥ ♥ ♥

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Why evaluate? In order to evaluate? What to evaluate? How do you measure?

I do not know whether to cry for the fall ... I do not know whether to laugh confrontalidade and the reality of things.

"The beginning of the academic year is always difficult to J. it has to do a re-adaptation to the school context. In the area of ​​personal interactions is stable, with the exception of the relationship with Mr E. In the presence of which continues to manifest behaviors and excessive of imitation. receptivity to learning is irregular it is not always available or because the attention is dispersed or because he is apathetic. continues to denote great difficulty in abstract thinking mainly in terms of mathematical calculations. The acquisition of technical read / write is to be slow ... should be noted that this child has not benefited from or postponement of compulsory school retention, noting a greater lag ns skills to grade. "

Why evaluate? In order to evaluate? What to evaluate? How do you measure?

I understand that evaluation is essential to diagnose and describe the child according to age and its evolution within the activities and abilities in the classroom.

Central to this process is the teacher. And it's important for us parents to have a sense of their social growth, and individual engine. This assessment will allow work with the child in order to enhance the skills that are not as well mastered.

It is not easy to assess, especially children with special educational needs. I think at this point is that teachers put their skills to the test as a bridge to knowledge. But we have to consider an issue - children with special educational needs have their limitations and should only be evaluated within its means! Do not follow the pace of the class and therefore should not be compared, but have their individual appraisal.

Do not forget to have the same rights and there is a commitment to prepare them as best as possible for independent living and quality. They need to be independent and also prepared for the labor market, but it must be done carefully so as not to draw very high goals that can lead to frustration.

In our last query development, left to reflect all these points.

I love the expression of Dr IP - development that says:

- Do you have difficulty in math? Do not know how to add? Can not count the times tables together with the class? - That's what calculators are!

The most important is what you can learn and value the acquisition of this knowledge. Assess the learning situations that were offered and how they were used. Since then plan other activities that enrich and promote new achievements from what has been learned.

All this work has to be together with everyone to not be hindered in the learning process. And only with this work together you can achieve success in learning.

Valuing the achievements!

Monday, 18 July 2011

Creativity without limits

After undoing half - nothing more fun to start pulling on the line - and do not see the end! Left half of exit and there is now a roll of wire, all embarrassed.
Well, if there were socks, let's go throw it all away.
But after the game had only just begun!
He picked up the wires, made ​​some 'balls' and put in the ears.
- Mother, look at me! Now I am Frankenstein!
I wanted to sleep that way, which is obviously not allowed.
- OK Mom, I'll save and go to school tomorrow Frankenstein!

Life Lesson:
"Make every moment of our life is beautiful. The least gesture is a reminder future!" by Claude Aveline

Inclusion: We will build a bridge

I was given the opportunity to participate in a unique and innovative project for me. To participate, promote and pass a message to colleagues at the J. school so attractive theme INCLUSION. The idea came immediately, but soon led me to reflect on the importance of this issue and how the future can indeed be reflected in the formation of a less selfish, less self-centered and more tolerant.

Above all, we think that our children see and understand what surrounds them differently and that not only have to adapt and respond to different teaching situations that they face daily. Every day is a process of mutual learning and enriching, because we also parents, children and professionals, learn to see the world differently. The family and school are the social dimensions with their own requirements with which our children have difficulty in coping adequately, because the basic skills to do it are changed. In relations with other children, especially in school, Raising awareness is important for their peculiarities so that they can learn to accept difference.

INTEGRATION: "1% of cooperation is more than 100% of compassion"
Integration is to enable people with 'disadvantages' can live as active members of their community, with rights and duties - to get each member of the community accept individual differences as inherent to human beings - is a basic condition for promoting the integration . The respect for 'diversity' is crucial. Recognition of the differences between people enrich any community.

Children with special needs require a bridge to transit, since they are isolated from the world. Only his parents and a group of people can build it. An integrated school benefits not only children integrated, but also the entire educational community. The awareness of society face the fact that integration and accept these differences, building a room for ALL bridge in which there is a strong and secure in a solid foundation.

Strategies? Working in the classroom of education, together these 'concepts'.
We can avoid marginalization, giving opportunity to all children with special needs the ability to integrate into a center of education

The arguments in favor of inclusive education are not only educational. There are serious social and moral level are given. Integrated education can lay the groundwork for a more open society, to which all people and in which one is 'different' is accepted and valued as part of humanity. The inclusion in society of individuals 'different' begins with an acceptance of the first forms of socialization - SCHOOL. The inclusion allows students without special needs the opportunity to share with children with SEN in one or another way and learn to accept and respect these differences. On the other hand, children with SEN have the opportunity to become a part of the school community and get an idea of ​​'realistic' about the multifaceted and competitive society in which they live. It will strengthen them so that they can participate more fully in a society as adults.

Inclusion of children with SEN is a double process: preparing the child with SEN to become full part of society, while the company prepares to receive them.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

"I do not know if what I like about you is what differentiates you from meor what we have in common. Like it or not, I am pleased by two things. What is common comforts me, what is different Stimulates me ... "- JoanManuel Serrat

Kids 'different' are not inferior, though still seen as inappropriate and there is a tendency to be isolated by their families. But the family has a member with disabilities do not have to differentiate themselves from families who do not.

Autism Diagnosis

I learned a surreal situation. Do not quite know the truth and whatis happening contours, but a doctor to diagnose a child who istelling the Autism Spectrum, when in reality is Autism Severus ...(???): little reason for this explanation exists to do for this childand the parents are not ready for the real diagnosis.

Do not know if it is possible that this is happening today, but it is true, I am outraged!

It never hurts to be worked out, these boys are a box of surprise!
I still remember in the early diagnosis of J. unable to get concrete answers, but I wanted answers and results! Never any doctor told me there was nothing to do! Simply, it was not possible to know!

Measures of 'treatment' undergo a long way!

They are intense and comprehensive programs that involve children, families and professionals, as indicated start as soon as possible.
Intervention programs to address the major symptoms in the social, communication and cognitive core symptoms of autism. The goals of treatment programs are plotted according to the difficulties and abilities of the child being taken into account the stage of development it presents itself. Generally, the behavioral intervention, speech therapy, occupational and psycho-pedagogical part of the program.

The methods of intervention are many and applied according to each child, but are applied. Nobody gives up a child, whatever their diagnosis!

* Applied Behavior Analysis - the well-known for short ABA - preparing the child to be in different environments with different people, social inclusion, educational and professional
* Training and Education of Children with Autism and Other Related Problems of Communication - shortening, known as the TEACCH - helps draw cognitive and behavioral strategies for the child to acquire skills. And fool yourself if you think it is a technique used only by teachers. Also you can use at home and work! Allows the child to organize and structure itself, through repetition and insistence. Work, work, work.
* Exchange Communication System of Figures - our friends PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) - enables the child to communicate through cards with pictures. Again, you use at school, at home and even on the street. There are bags of transportation, a ribbon around his neck, a dossier, there are many way to be used, according to children's needs and its degree. Through these cards the child, with the help of all (!!!) begins to build your vocabulary and express their desires.
* Speech Therapy - not just for those who can not speak, although they may speak but have difficulty understanding and difficulty communicating. The main objective is the child learn to communicate in a useful and functional, is the area of ​​spoken language, either by signs or gestures.
* Occupational Therapy - to make the child as independent as possible, adding a cognitive, physical and motor. You can go from learning to play, something as basic as the daily life of how to dress, eat or go to the bathroom. As part of the social, fine motor and visual perception.
* Physical Therapy - motor difficulties when there is a reason to have physiotherapy. But not only. May be to address the lack of muscle tone, balance and coordination.
* Monitoring of psychology - in order to develop learning techniques that facilitate such learning and primarily find their potential and develop that potential.

And someone said there was nothing to do for this child because the parents are not prepared?

A severe autism may never acquire linguistic communication (never come to speak), but can work seamlessly with a computer ... And we continue to say that there is nothing to do for this child, because parents are unprepared for the diagnosis?

"The light is only avoided by beetles, thieves and ignorant."
Paolo Mantegazza


"It's easier to move children our passions our understanding." (Baron de Montesquieu) - do it daily! Retribuida'm the best that can exist! delivery of their innocent caresses.
! ♥ ♥ ♥

I'm autistic ... and what is your power? :)

Living with autism

Many children with autism will grow slightly and be able to live their lives in an almost autonomous. But those with autism deeper will always need help. But let's not forget that all autistic children can have a happy life if they have the support and love from parents, siblings, family, doctors, teachers and peers.
Autistic children as all children are different in behavior and abilities. All children with autism have different symptoms, making it difficult to diagnose autism. A symptom may be easy to see a child and not see another.

On April 2 marks the World Day for Autism Awareness. The date established by the UN in 2007, aims to be a milestone in raising awareness and honoring all people and their families who live this everyday reality, often experiencing many difficulties and discrimination.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011


share what I have shared with me. There are people in this profession for the love and dedication. So I leave here the words of Prof. J. shared with me. A THANK YOU is not enough!

Our John is increasingly growing. Today I fell behind a little because I caught an accident C.O. (where I live) and John went to the same alone. Plays the morning walks with colleagues andalways very happy at recess. Yesterday I prepared a statement for him this afternoon to do alone, and went very well. I've also gives all the messages perfectly. I feel the happiest, and therefore wanted to share with you."

For all these reasons
that we have reached and where we are going far beyond that! It is very caring and dedication of all that makes us get here.

Friday, 4 March 2011


Comment: Wait John, the mother is tingling!
After a few seconds, the feeling passes. John asks:
- It's past the nest?
- Yes! - tell her
- Ah! Ants in bed is not!