Sunday, 3 April 2011

Autism Diagnosis

I learned a surreal situation. Do not quite know the truth and whatis happening contours, but a doctor to diagnose a child who istelling the Autism Spectrum, when in reality is Autism Severus ...(???): little reason for this explanation exists to do for this childand the parents are not ready for the real diagnosis.

Do not know if it is possible that this is happening today, but it is true, I am outraged!

It never hurts to be worked out, these boys are a box of surprise!
I still remember in the early diagnosis of J. unable to get concrete answers, but I wanted answers and results! Never any doctor told me there was nothing to do! Simply, it was not possible to know!

Measures of 'treatment' undergo a long way!

They are intense and comprehensive programs that involve children, families and professionals, as indicated start as soon as possible.
Intervention programs to address the major symptoms in the social, communication and cognitive core symptoms of autism. The goals of treatment programs are plotted according to the difficulties and abilities of the child being taken into account the stage of development it presents itself. Generally, the behavioral intervention, speech therapy, occupational and psycho-pedagogical part of the program.

The methods of intervention are many and applied according to each child, but are applied. Nobody gives up a child, whatever their diagnosis!

* Applied Behavior Analysis - the well-known for short ABA - preparing the child to be in different environments with different people, social inclusion, educational and professional
* Training and Education of Children with Autism and Other Related Problems of Communication - shortening, known as the TEACCH - helps draw cognitive and behavioral strategies for the child to acquire skills. And fool yourself if you think it is a technique used only by teachers. Also you can use at home and work! Allows the child to organize and structure itself, through repetition and insistence. Work, work, work.
* Exchange Communication System of Figures - our friends PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) - enables the child to communicate through cards with pictures. Again, you use at school, at home and even on the street. There are bags of transportation, a ribbon around his neck, a dossier, there are many way to be used, according to children's needs and its degree. Through these cards the child, with the help of all (!!!) begins to build your vocabulary and express their desires.
* Speech Therapy - not just for those who can not speak, although they may speak but have difficulty understanding and difficulty communicating. The main objective is the child learn to communicate in a useful and functional, is the area of ​​spoken language, either by signs or gestures.
* Occupational Therapy - to make the child as independent as possible, adding a cognitive, physical and motor. You can go from learning to play, something as basic as the daily life of how to dress, eat or go to the bathroom. As part of the social, fine motor and visual perception.
* Physical Therapy - motor difficulties when there is a reason to have physiotherapy. But not only. May be to address the lack of muscle tone, balance and coordination.
* Monitoring of psychology - in order to develop learning techniques that facilitate such learning and primarily find their potential and develop that potential.

And someone said there was nothing to do for this child because the parents are not prepared?

A severe autism may never acquire linguistic communication (never come to speak), but can work seamlessly with a computer ... And we continue to say that there is nothing to do for this child, because parents are unprepared for the diagnosis?

"The light is only avoided by beetles, thieves and ignorant."
Paolo Mantegazza

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