Wednesday, 7 March 2012


"Better to understand little than to misunderstand." (Anatole France)

Where is it hid the understanding? How can a feeling so noble and important for the internal growth of each one can be left out?

Unfortunately, what I see today is people becoming more individualistic. Verbs are conjugated only in the first person singular.
- "I want"
- "I need"
- "I think so" ...
What happened to "we"?

Life is not so. This is not growing. This is back!
Life is unity. It is dialogue. It is split.

Understanding each other is to accept without judging, prejudging or criticism.
You hear the silence. It is to be present.

Perhaps such an understanding is missing because the act of understanding is linked to the act of renouncing.
Often we have to give up certain things to welcome and reach out to those who need it. This is the noblest understandings!

Understand what is supposedly incomprehensible is not for everyone. But the extreme value.
Understanding the smile is easy, but understanding the tears in the heart requires love.
Understanding is to offer solidarity. It is reaching out. It is to "lap". You simply say "I'm here, do not worry, I'm not going to leave alone."

To understand is to listen. It is to help and do not charge anything in return.
You look in the eye and pass the necessary confidence.
It is the sincerity and loyalty in the first place.

Understanding is an unconditional feeling.
You must redeem this understanding fall asleep in your hearts. Leave selfishness and individuality emerge in the closet and let the act of understanding the other.

This is the greatest of loves.
The love of solidarity.

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