Saturday, 10 March 2012

An achievement in reading!

When we are inexperienced and see the world out there feel a mixture of longing and anguish.
Many times I feel like little helpless and without any resources to respond to so much that appears in life.

However boldly, sometimes achieved by reversing the longing and anguish in strength and courage and I can achieve what I want: a new phase where more than one obstacle will be overcome.

We all have difficulties to be overcome.
The way J. it has to be followed with firm steps and safe ...

The barriers are, must be adequately addressed and each of them emerge strengthened. At every step, every obstacle overcome the stronger. And the next hurdles will be overcome without losing the wit and commit madness :)

Difficulties and setbacks do not scare! There is just crying and does not regret the problems. Always seek a way to overcome them.

This applies to all situations in your life still small. But he is inspired by and follows the right path.
It's complicated, it is difficult, but he already knows to go to war!

I could not be happier! Viewing its evolution, each step conquered, overcome every obstacle, every moment of anxiety, surprise and joy ... and the moment to happen is coming!

I see my son grow ...!

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