Monday, 18 July 2011

Inclusion: We will build a bridge

I was given the opportunity to participate in a unique and innovative project for me. To participate, promote and pass a message to colleagues at the J. school so attractive theme INCLUSION. The idea came immediately, but soon led me to reflect on the importance of this issue and how the future can indeed be reflected in the formation of a less selfish, less self-centered and more tolerant.

Above all, we think that our children see and understand what surrounds them differently and that not only have to adapt and respond to different teaching situations that they face daily. Every day is a process of mutual learning and enriching, because we also parents, children and professionals, learn to see the world differently. The family and school are the social dimensions with their own requirements with which our children have difficulty in coping adequately, because the basic skills to do it are changed. In relations with other children, especially in school, Raising awareness is important for their peculiarities so that they can learn to accept difference.

INTEGRATION: "1% of cooperation is more than 100% of compassion"
Integration is to enable people with 'disadvantages' can live as active members of their community, with rights and duties - to get each member of the community accept individual differences as inherent to human beings - is a basic condition for promoting the integration . The respect for 'diversity' is crucial. Recognition of the differences between people enrich any community.

Children with special needs require a bridge to transit, since they are isolated from the world. Only his parents and a group of people can build it. An integrated school benefits not only children integrated, but also the entire educational community. The awareness of society face the fact that integration and accept these differences, building a room for ALL bridge in which there is a strong and secure in a solid foundation.

Strategies? Working in the classroom of education, together these 'concepts'.
We can avoid marginalization, giving opportunity to all children with special needs the ability to integrate into a center of education

The arguments in favor of inclusive education are not only educational. There are serious social and moral level are given. Integrated education can lay the groundwork for a more open society, to which all people and in which one is 'different' is accepted and valued as part of humanity. The inclusion in society of individuals 'different' begins with an acceptance of the first forms of socialization - SCHOOL. The inclusion allows students without special needs the opportunity to share with children with SEN in one or another way and learn to accept and respect these differences. On the other hand, children with SEN have the opportunity to become a part of the school community and get an idea of ​​'realistic' about the multifaceted and competitive society in which they live. It will strengthen them so that they can participate more fully in a society as adults.

Inclusion of children with SEN is a double process: preparing the child with SEN to become full part of society, while the company prepares to receive them.

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