Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Why evaluate? In order to evaluate? What to evaluate? How do you measure?

I do not know whether to cry for the fall ... I do not know whether to laugh confrontalidade and the reality of things.

"The beginning of the academic year is always difficult to J. it has to do a re-adaptation to the school context. In the area of ​​personal interactions is stable, with the exception of the relationship with Mr E. In the presence of which continues to manifest behaviors and excessive of imitation. receptivity to learning is irregular it is not always available or because the attention is dispersed or because he is apathetic. continues to denote great difficulty in abstract thinking mainly in terms of mathematical calculations. The acquisition of technical read / write is to be slow ... should be noted that this child has not benefited from or postponement of compulsory school retention, noting a greater lag ns skills to grade. "

Why evaluate? In order to evaluate? What to evaluate? How do you measure?

I understand that evaluation is essential to diagnose and describe the child according to age and its evolution within the activities and abilities in the classroom.

Central to this process is the teacher. And it's important for us parents to have a sense of their social growth, and individual engine. This assessment will allow work with the child in order to enhance the skills that are not as well mastered.

It is not easy to assess, especially children with special educational needs. I think at this point is that teachers put their skills to the test as a bridge to knowledge. But we have to consider an issue - children with special educational needs have their limitations and should only be evaluated within its means! Do not follow the pace of the class and therefore should not be compared, but have their individual appraisal.

Do not forget to have the same rights and there is a commitment to prepare them as best as possible for independent living and quality. They need to be independent and also prepared for the labor market, but it must be done carefully so as not to draw very high goals that can lead to frustration.

In our last query development, left to reflect all these points.

I love the expression of Dr IP - development that says:

- Do you have difficulty in math? Do not know how to add? Can not count the times tables together with the class? - That's what calculators are!

The most important is what you can learn and value the acquisition of this knowledge. Assess the learning situations that were offered and how they were used. Since then plan other activities that enrich and promote new achievements from what has been learned.

All this work has to be together with everyone to not be hindered in the learning process. And only with this work together you can achieve success in learning.

Valuing the achievements!

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