Monday, 25 August 2008

New online to download GAMES and PECS

Finally I manage to get the games available for download!
With the help of a friend Luis Relvas - Trainer through Educational Games will have to download them.

I am very happy because actually, the requests are many and I have had the capacity to respond. For the reasons easy to understand? Many times I made the attempt to make the sending of games, and some because of its size, is returned.

In any case, always have my contact - Questions, sharing, which need!
As far as possible, I do not mind to customize the games, according to the needs of each.

All this was born of a need own, and therefore have an enormous pleasure to share.

Initially, the games available are without sound.
Over time will be improved.
Where there is this update, I notice that in their blog.

In this space will be recorded my experience, I find relevant and important in the evolution of John

The PECS also be made available in another page, more organized and therefore easier to find.

A hug to all.

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Tasmine said...

Good for people to know.