Monday, 25 August 2008


I want to make available the games to download, but do not know of a free way :o((
As such, I will provide the images and make available to my mail, for those who are interested, I can send the complete game.

All games are with sound, many images, colors and movement.
Only must have PowerPoint installed.

I am not the best mother in the world, but I am the best mother I know!

And as the discovery encountered immense material available to help mothers with children as John, I want to contribute the same way.

What can I say about the games?
In the case of John the results are visible!
In such a short time a very large developments.

He is very interested in the computer games, and all other activities that do for him on paper.
Is it because the mother to do?
I think not ... I think it is because it allows a more direct contact with the mother and those he likes. With much praise by half, strengthen our ties, our relationship parent / child.

The results?
The best possible ....

I hope the same happens with you!

Note that all these games are not just for special children!
They are targeted for CHILDREN! Only this ... CHILDREN!

So, as promised here.

The sending of the games is done by mail.
Request for:

... something difficult in most visited sites that ...

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