Saturday, 18 December 2010

The Neverending Story II - Top

Be different - a minority that continues to confront the insensitivity of most "normal"

Write ultimately make life less burdensome. It's like going a little bit of weight they carry on their shoulders for all the people who read, or simply in the white pages, which are to be met. It seems that everything becomes lighter.

I want my testimony has never lost its roots, which are fundamental in my writing: to inform and enhance the positive side of life.

I liked that charming, that is emotional and that inspire with my words. I hope one more beautiful, more modern and more enlightening. I hope you are ready to have new experiences, sharing, feelings, emotions ...

It's my way of thanking the greatest gift I give: that side feel and be prepared to face the DIFFERENCE!

In the beginning was an idea. Once the idea gained name - SHARE MY SHOULDER FRIEND - then began to take shape. Always with a longing to make a difference. Create a blog, really made think about the real needs. Had the ambition to create a different blog, without taboos, who spoke on the theme that is part of the universe of many mothers, who want more for their children. The goal that I made seemed audacious - be different and make a difference. Dreamer! Maybe ... but what is life without dreams? What this meant time spent is difficult to translate the few lines that I intend to write here.

Many had stories to tell, but, essentially, to me showed me that this side had many real mothers and professionals wanting to share this dream and this idea. And that helped me shape it with your reading and the feedback they were giving me. And it's you that I want to thank this time. I promise that from now on I intend to get more special posts to you. Expect to spend the next few days trying to do my best to surprise you and, in my own way, make Portugal more caring and sensitive.

It is a sharing of emotions and feelings through a simple form. A blog of passion and friendship. I hope it's a blog of ideas. Ideas that make this space a welcoming place where people feel good. What is light, engaging and infectious.


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