Monday, 25 August 2008


It is not my intention here to be with theories. There are many sites with all this information. More difficult is to material, mainly free.
Again, I say, my intention is to share everything we have and that is useful for others as it has been for me.

Who has a child with autism, knows that the PECS are of extreme importance. Both the level of communication and of organization.

The John uses the PECS both in therapy, at school and at home.
For John that already uses the language, the PECS essentially help in the organization.
They are attractive, fun and help reduce their anxiety. The key to your balance.

Who is also very like Jose! What now also starts to use the PECS to put some order into their routines.

The PECS, with imagination are very easy to make and use.
I always with colors, because they are more attractive.

PECS - see for download

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