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Query Development 2011

February 4, Query Development

And here I am again talking about a subject that I know will raise controversy.


And there I went again to search the internet to know more information, more news ... but the controversies remain the same, and we really do have to examine each case every child, every diagnosis, and visualize us that no decision is taken lightly.

The decision was not taken from one day to another. And who follows this blog knows that I took over a year to accept the verdict of doctors. And doctors say, because they will never allow myself to own and J. made a diagnosis that is precipitated. Diagnoses were made in various contexts: family, school and outside school. But there were several symptoms that persisted and increased.

J. is accompanied by a multidisciplinary team fantastic, as they have said in other post's, ranging from pediatricians, child psychiatrist, psychologist, neurologist, and technical development of special education. And it was on gathering all the information provided by me and this team could once again reach the conclusion that was reached (with much sadness in my heart, with much frustration within ...) - INCREASED DOSE OF Ritalin

Before I raise the issue if not I think of side effects in the short and long term, or if I am to despise? ... I think my sadness and frustration answers that question.

But through the most painful, we realize all that your diagnosis is not an exaggeration, is not to be excessive, given the positive effects it has on J.

I'm in good conscience, which were made all appropriate diagnoses, which was raised all the necessary information in various contexts, there is no margin for error in diagnosis. Because for me it was very important to make sure it was not necessary and we could overcome all these difficulties without Ritalin. It was not only based on information supplied to me, however ...
Is not
a first-line intervention. J. since diagnosis has behavioral therapies, which might have helped to 'manage' their hyperactive behavior, but unfortunately, although the hold, have not had the desired effect. And we're not talking about 6 months or 1 year. Already from the beginning to make the diagnosis!

Unfortunately, also the diagnosis J. Not only is attention deficit / overactivity. We are talking about a boy who has since the beginning and primary diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorders.

There is controversy because there is indiscriminate prescription or not, I can agree with some situations, but we must understand that it is applicable to all! In J. the positive effects have been visible at the academic level and emotional balance. But this time, perhaps due to its growth, now goes to 8 years (!!!) the dose is not having any effect whatsoever. As a symptomatic treatment, has no curative effect (unfortunately), the action on the brain lasts only while the pill takes effect, this is not happening. Even after pill, J. remains unstable, restless, impatient ... is not to resolve or alleviate the symptoms characteristic of this diagnosis. As such, we are not able to increase their quality of life.

Controversy, polemics, but the truth is that dealing with this 'problem' is a daily dilemma! At this time the side effects are a lesser evil compared to what we have without the medication. I'm talking about school life and relational J. which is being ravaged by the lack of effect of the drug at this time.

Previously, J. did not take the end-to-week, nor in time of vacation, but even being a bit of chaos all around us (J, I and family), we could overcome! Right now, at least temporarily, is no longer possible also to give 'the medicine at the weekend. With a lower dose than during the school week, but this time is critical to your own emotional balance and its back to take the medication. Of course I do not see this solution with good eyes, but I can not ignore the good that did when he had the right dose, given its weight and age at the time.

There are associations and movements that were born to fight or defend the use or not use this medication.
'Save your children, DO NOT GIVE THEM Ritalin'- respect this opinion, this attitude, but do not point your finger, please!

J., as well as other children, school success can only (and not talking about big hits !!!!) - J. 8 years and have not read or write ... is not abstract notions of reality and various school subjects! - Without Ritalin J. simply can not be attentive, concentrate in the classroom .. and this time not in an activity on your taste - as simple as going to the movies! Worship and concentration we could, even without Ritalin, and now ... even something as simple as going to the movies is possible!

Before, I felt lost when researching on the subject.
Today I feel that my experience as a mother, it allows me to feel calm in the decision. Frustrated and sad because he could not help J. by myself! But I have to accept it, because everything is very complex but it is a reality!

Continue with the therapy, but unfortunately they, too, by itself, is no longer the solution!

I wish I could be here to report that J. is simply a passing phase for their age, or is simply an ill-bred child. Long wanted to believe it! ... but it is not our reality.

If I do not trust the multidisciplinary team around the J, in which I believe included a neurologist, with as much knowledge as Dr. José Carlos Ferreira ... I trust what or whom? - Well, I'll answer this rhetorical question: TRUST IN ME AS A MOTHER!

NOTE: risperidone also had to be increased ...

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